10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Air Conditioning

As summer temperatures soar, so do our energy bills. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to combat the heat and keep cool without spending a fortune. From simple adjustments to your daily routine to strategic upgrades to your home’s cooling system, we offer you effective strategies to cut air conditioning costs and ensure a comfortable summer.

HVAC-Related Strategies for Saving on Air Conditioning

1. Get your unit serviced annually.

Scheduling HVAC service on an annual basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your AC in good condition so it doesn’t consume more energy than necessary. Regular maintenance helps maximize its lifespan and minimize cooling costs.

2. Program the thermostat.

First, upgrade your thermostat to a programmable or smart thermostat. Then, program it so it automatically adjusts temperatures when you’re away or asleep. When you program it, set the temperature as high as you can handle without sacrificing comfort. Even adjusting the temperature by a degree can help you save on energy costs.

3. Change air filters as recommended.

Dirty and clogged air filters restrict airflow, which forces your AC to work harder (meaning it uses more energy). Be sure to replace filters regularly to ensure efficient operation and prevent unnecessary energy waste. We recommend you change your HVAC filter every 1-3 months depending on the type.

4. Upgrade your equipment. 

Another way you can save on air conditioning costs is by upgrading your HVAC system to a high-efficiency one, like a heat pump or high-efficiency air conditioner. Look for higher SEER ratings (in the high 20’s ideally) and models with the Energy-Star certification. While the upfront cost is more than lower efficiency units, the long-term savings on energy bills make it a worthy investment.

Other Ways to Cut Your Cooling Costs

Here are some other ways to help you cut down on air conditioning costs.

5. Use your ceiling fans.

Not only do ceiling fans circulate cool air, but they also create a windchill effect that allows you to raise the thermostat a few degrees without sacrificing comfort. 

6. Seal and insulate air leaks.

Air leaks around windows, doors, and ductwork allow cooled air to escape, which makes your AC work harder. Sealing these leaks improves efficiency and lowers cooling costs.

7. Create more shade.

If possible, plant trees or install awnings on the south-facing sides of your home to block sunlight and reduce heat gain. This will help reduce the strain on your AC.

8. Close the blinds.

Sunlight heats up your home. Reduce the heat that gets in, and therefore, the cooling load on your air conditioner by closing your blinds or curtains during peak sun hours.

9. Know your peak and off-peak hours.

Most areas have peak and off-peak hours. Get to know the off-peak hours in your location and do your best to run appliances and devices more during this time as opposed to peak hours. Reducing your usage during peak hours can significantly reduce your overall energy costs.

10. Disconnect devices not in use.

Electronics generate heat and consume electricity, even in standby mode. Unplugging unused devices reduces the overall heat load in your home, making your AC’s job easier.

Contact CK Mechanical for Help Cutting Your Cooling Costs This Season

By implementing even some of these steps, you can reduce your cooling costs and enjoy a more comfortable summer without breaking the bank. Remember, taking care of your AC unit through regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. If you’re looking for professional assistance, CK Mechanical is here to help. 

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