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Trust the experts at CK Mechanical for professional furnace installation & replacement services in Windsor & Essex County. We take pride in our quality of work, that’s why we only install quality equipment from manufacturers with a proven track record to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their furnace installation.

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Furnace Financing Options

At CK Mechanical, we understand that purchasing and installing a new furnace can be costly. That’s why we offer furnace financing to accommodate your needs. Talk to us about your options for financing your new furnace, and experience the benefits, including:

  • No down payment
  • Low monthly payments
  • Zero annual fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Easy application process

Signs It’s Time to Get a New Furnace

  • Furnace is over 15 years old.

If your furnace is 15 years or older, consider upgrading to a newer, more efficient model.

  • Increased utility bills.

If you’re experiencing higher-than-normal utility costs, it may be time to replace your furnace.

  • More frequent repairs.

As furnaces age, they require more frequent repairs and maintenance.

  • Inconsistent heating.

If your furnace is struggling to keep your home warm, it could be time for a new furnace.

  • Strange smells and/or sounds.

Trust your instincts – peculiar smells or sounds from your furnace could signal issues.

Switch to a Hybrid Heating System & Save!

You could save energy and money by upgrading to a hybrid heating system. 

What is a hybrid heating system?

A hybrid heating system, or dual-fuel system, consists of two different heat sources working alongside each other. Typically, there’s a traditional furnace and a heat pump. This system allows you to easily switch between systems for optimal efficiency. The heat pump is the primary source in moderate temperatures, while the furnace takes over in extreme cold. The system automatically adjusts based on homeowner-customized outdoor temperature settings, offering potential savings when transitioning to a hybrid heating system.

How can you save with a hybrid system?

Energy Savings

A hybrid heating system uses the energy-efficient heat pump as the primary source, switching to the secondary heat source when it becomes more efficient. Since heat pumps transfer heat and don’t generate it, this helps you save energy. Energy consumption is further reduced by how the system automatically switches between the units based on efficiency.

Cost Savings

The substantial reduction in energy consumption, courtesy of the heat pump and how the system switches between the two heat sources, can lead to lower energy bills and cost savings. Heat pumps achieve over 100% energy efficiency, producing more thermal energy than the electricity needed to operate them.

Environmental Savings

By using electricity instead of emitting fossil fuels, hybrid heating systems reduce your carbon footprint. Decreased furnace runtime also helps with this.

Benefits of a High-Efficiency Furnace

  • Energy Efficiency

High-efficiency furnaces offer an AFUE of up to 98%, meaning wasted heat is just 2%. This also means your carbon footprint is less.

  • Reduced Utility Costs

Since high-efficiency furnaces operate more efficiently, they cost less to operate. Energy savings translates into cost savings!

  • Improved Air Quality

High-efficiency furnaces are more effective at removing allergens and debris from the air. They heat quickly, helping prevent excessive dryness.

How Much Does Furnace Replacement Cost in Windsor?

The cost of furnace replacement in Windsor depends on a variety of factors. Without an in-home visit, we cannot accurately estimate the cost to replace your furnace. To determine the exact cost of furnace installation, we take into account the following factors:

  • Type of furnace
  • Brand of furnace
  • Efficiency rating
  • Installation complexity 
  • Furnace size
  • Ductwork 

We are happy to provide an accurate quote upon evaluation of your home and heating requirements. Our team will work directly with you to determine the best system for your home and needs!

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