Lifebreath Metro Series HRVs & ERVs

Lifebreath Metro Series HRVs & ERVs


Say Hello to the New Metro ECM Series
Designed for High-Rise Buildings & Townhomes

Building codes are constantly evolving and the construction of multi-unit developments are built to be airtight, creating poor indoor air quality. Lifebreath is leading the evolution of ventilation with a new line of exceptional, high performance products.

Presenting the Metro ECM Series.  Lifebreath’s most compact unit to date, the Metro Series features an ECM motor that quietly introduces a supply of fresh outdoor air into each suite with up to 130 CFM airflow; addressing the quality of occupant air, reducing the building’s environmental impacts and placing minimal load on the HVAC system.

Proudly HVI certified, the 5 speed adjustable ECM motor uses the exhaust air to precondition the incoming air; saving on heating and cooling expenses year-round.

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  • Slim height of 9.75”–Discreetly installs in any bulkhead and drop ceiling maximizing the in-suite area.
  • Designed for accessibility–With a hinged door and sliding panel, the motor & electronics are easily removable for maintenance.
  • Uniquely energy efficient–The ECM motor uses the equivalent electricity of one led light bulb when operating on low.
  • Intelligent defrost damper motor–Lifebreath’s circuit boards are built with defrost technology that closes off outside air to prevent core frost.

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